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the 1914 painting Brook in Winter by Edwin Webster
Brook in Winter (1914)
Edwin Webster

Even if you improvise while cooking, you probably followed a lot of recipes before you reached that point. More important is that before you tried it, you learned how your ingredients work.

Same thing’s true for the garden. Read more

WARNING: Winter Bouquet Surprise From the mid-1880s

a painting of white hellebores and ferns with a sprig of holly
Still Life with Hellebores (around 1885-7)
Charles Porter

This scene was painted in New York City not long after Porter had spent three years in France. As any gardener can tell you, these are hellebores that are shown, and the sprig of holly adds to a wintry theme. The maidenhair fern must have been a house plant; the other kind is probably leatherleaf fern, Rumohra adiantiformis, also grown indoors, though it could be Autumn fern, an outdoor type which is evergreen.