The Truly Shocking Ramifications of Our Culture So Rich in Electronic Media and So Poor in Contact with Nature

This may be “preaching to the choir,” but if you’re already among the converted I hope you’ll help “spread the Gospel.”

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a creek flows through a snow-covered pine forest in Arizona

As people nationwide resolve to improve their lives, society has a huge problem facing its youngest members that we’re not addressing well. This root problem is the source of many of the most difficult problems that we constantly are trying to address: childhood obesity that has tripled in the past 30 years, rising rates of allergy, asthma, diabetes, and stress, the large-scale need for psychological medicine such as Ritalin and antidepressants, increased nearsightedness, and more anti-social behavior head that list, although be assured this is not all of them! How about increased dependence and emotional fragility in young adults due to parents who overschedule time and prevent the development of independence? They’re all connected and this problem is not new. Read more