gardening books on my shelf; what do you have on yours?
These are gardening books long on my shelf; what do you have on yours?

I love to share my passions and help people out, but everyone who reads this has unique priorities, knowledge that differs, and experience and aspirations that vary. People also vary in their budgets, land available, health and energy levels–really any factor you can imagine.

For instance, some people know the Latin names of plants and use them. Not everyone does, and you don’t have to, although once you reach a certain level it often becomes necessary.

Most people appreciate flowers, but few plan for all seasons. Some people plant mums in the ground in the spring. Others would only buy them months later as a disposable potted plant.

Maybe you’re concerned about the decline in honeybees and butterflies so you’d like to make your property a good habitat.

Some readers want to grow their own food, or at least some of it. Fresh berries and home-grown vegetables are delicious, aren’t they? Even here, tastes and interests can vary so much: some grow leeks and kohlrabi whereas some don’t. Not everyone has room for corn, even if they might love corn on the cob. Celery just doesn’t work in some climates . . .

Some people have gotten rid of their lawn or are trying to. You certainly have my support!

Some people don’t use “chemicals” . . . other people will tell you everything’s a chemical, including water!

I’d like to give you inspiration rather than paralysis. The best place to start is with the list of 75 Great American Garden Books created by members of the American Horticultural Society.

They also give awards each year to recognize the best books that are published. Check these out from your library if you want, but I’m sure you’ll want to own a copy of several.

You also have to have the books on gardening myths by Linda Chalker-Scott. (Really, this is not optional!)

If you’re connected to receive e-mails, that’s a good start as well.

I could easily go on, but for each topic there could be a whole list. (Would you like to see such a list for trees, flowers, vegetables, design, books for children, winter interest, great figures from the past, and anything else? Let me know if that would be useful.)

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