me with imposing Norway spruce treesPlants can’t talk and not everyone speaks their language. I’m here to help translate.

I’ve traveled the country, from Los Angeles to Boston, and Austin to Green Bay, so I’ve observed plants in a variety of soils and climates, and I’ve been abroad. But what does it matter where I’ve traveled and where I’ve lived? If you use the internet, you can travel all over online, and people have traveled through books as long as we’ve had literature.

I aspire to live in a world where people have time to smell the flowers and would share the wonders and beauties of nature with a child. I aim to help my readers filter hype, correct myths, make the right decisions for them, beautify their neighborhoods, spend their money effectively, enrich their lives, and get the results they want with plants.

Let me know how I’m doing!

(todd “at” regardinggardening dot com)


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